Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY Farm Project: Lawn Edging with Aluminum Gutter Flashing (October Update)

It seems like yesterday I was starting this project, and yet here we are midway through October already?  Yeesh.  Some bad weather and a flare up of some lower back issues had spared me from the gravel pile for a bit, but this project is on the list of things I wanted to get farther along before winter set in, so I decided to devote what was supposed to be a rainy day of indoor projects to getting some more edging done instead.

I got another 50 feet or so done, curving around back towards the house around the goumi bush and the Korean Stone Pine, around a 90 degree angle and running along the frontside of the two shade beds.

No new technical information to share, the technique is the same as before.

As a few months have gone by since the initial install, I've had a bit of a chance to put this system to the test, i.e. see how well it keeps the grass on the grass and out of the gravel.  So far so good.  The grass along the edge on the lawn side cleans up nicely with a quick pass of the string trimmer when it gets long, and it's still looking very nice.  If I decided to forego the string trimmer at some point, I could still trim the edge by hand, or hit it with the propane torch.

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  1. thank you! this is so helpful- and affordable.