Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter morning on the farm...

I know that it's the time of year where it's become acceptable (and even fashionable) to gripe on constantly about the winter weather.  Gone is the shock and mild outrage of early winter (Gosh!  How cold it is out there!), replaced instead with the sort of salty resignation (I'm ready for Spring now).  

And I feel that.  Really, I do.  I'm totally ready for flower buds and warmer temps and ephemeral growth and baby everythings flopping about through nature's new flush of spring.  But sometimes winter can surprise you, and present you with moments of epic beauty that are impossible at other times.

So it was this morning when I was bumping around in the kitchen just after sunrise.  The sun was glittering off the freshly blown snow, rabbit tracks were everywhere (as always), and snow was falling so slowly through the morning light I felt like I was witnessing some sort of cheesy slo-mo treatment from an indie film.  Quite lovely.  I even tried to get all that beauty crammed into a camera (I only caught some), and in that brief moment I was thankful for winter, despite the inconveniences it brings.

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