Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Concrete day! Concrete day!

So we've got concrete scheduled to come and get poured in the greenhouse this afternoon (yes, in the middle of December in Ohio).

After several failed attempts previously due to scheduling and weather, this is kind of our last shot... as one of the two local concrete companies has already shut down for the season.  I guess nobody likes pouring concrete when it's 20 degrees outside?

We need to get the concrete poured, as we can't get the barrels set up and filled in there without a solid and stable slab to put them on.  No barrels, no water.  No water, no heat retention... which also means no using the greenhouse until likely next fall... not a very happy proposition around here.

Fortunately, the sun decided to come out today, after a long stretch of dreary cloudiness.  I cleaned the snow off the poly panels first thing this morning, and it should be heating up pretty good in there now.

I'm hoping it can catch and hold enough heat to give the concrete a chance to set up properly.  Fingers crossed...

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