Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Concrete Day! (Update)

So the concrete appears to have gone in quite well.  They got it in fast while the greenhouse was still relatively warm due to the aforementioned sunshine.  Cure time is still a concern, as the sun went down a little after 5pm and the temperature dropped quickly afterwards... but it's all in and it looks pretty level.

I was worried about getting the truck around the back and side of the old white barn to where it could position the chute into the greenhouse door, but both the driver and Chris (my awesome neighbor who does concrete for a living) were total pros and it went off without a hitch.  Big thanks to them for making this happen, and for doing it in the dead of winter.

With temperatures being where they are, it'll be a few days before it's good to walk on, and a few weeks before we can put any serious weight on there.  That's fine, I'm just glad it's finally in!

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